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How to reach us

Departure from Albenga
Distance: 22 km
Time: 36 minuti
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From Villanova d’Albenga it is possible to go towards Alassio and, after crossing Caso hamlet, reach the Alassio-Testico County Road; alternatively you can keep on driving towards Garlenda and from here reach San Damiano hamlet, which is on the Alassio-Testico County Road too; else you can keep on driving towards Casanova Lerrone and from here to Passo del Ginestro, where you can go down to Testico.
Departure from Andora
Distance: 16 km
Time: 26 minuti
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Exiting Andora take sequentially Via Pian Grande, Via Divizia and County Road in order to cross the twns of San Lorenzo and Stellanello. From here cross the bridge and start going up towards Armati hamlet and Ciccioni resort.
Partenza da Alassio
(route 1)

Distance: 21 km
Time: 28 minuti
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Exiting Alassio take the Aurelia Bis Variant Road to get to Villanova d’Albenga. From here take the SP6 (County Road 6) towards Villafranca. Proceed to Bauso Region to cross Paravenna hamlet; the rote intersecates with Alassio-Testico County Road which crosses San Damiano hamlet.
Departure from Alassio
(route 2)

Distance: 19 km
Time: 27 minuti
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Exit Alassio through Via Aderasia first and then Via Aleramo to come and cross Moglio hamlet. Then exit town traveling through Via Airaldi turning then on Via Ottone I, which intersecates with Alassio-Testico County Road.
Departure from Imperia
Distance: 28 km
Time: 35 minuti
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From Imperia take the SS28 Road (State Road 28 ), then turn right on SP95 (County Road 95). Then go upwards through Via Roma to reach the town of Cesio. Always through Via Roma reach the intersection with SP13 (County Road 13). Take this road to reach Valmerula County Road. Go up to Ginestro Pass and from there go down to Testico commune.


Train and bus
Distance: 16 km
Time: 35 minuti
Using the train it is possible to stop to Andora station. On the near square there is the bus stop, line no. 93 to Testico, Albenga district.
Summer and winter bus schedule can be retrieved at this address:
Savona district public transport website